Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

The purpose of the DEI committee is to work towards creating a platform of leadership for underrepresented communities in our food system. We recognize systemic barriers to opportunity and access across race, gender, class, ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation and geography. We seek to address those barriers through thoughtful design and program/policy implementation. We seek to create and support member organizations in developing inclusive spaces for staff, volunteers, participants, and clients.

The committee will make program, policy, and procedural recommendations to the Leadership Team to ensure equitable outcomes in our food system via the Network. We will support subcommittees in the use of an equity lens as they approach their topical project areas. As a committee, we are committed to ongoing learning and bringing principles of equity into the Network.

OCFSN’s Equity Statement

Oregon Community Food System Network acknowledges that our food system is built and maintained on a foundation of oppression & systemic racism of Native peoples, people of color, and immigrants. Through a coordinated statewide network, we address this historic & systemic inequality in land ownership, food access, and labor by prioritizing the allocation of resources, decision making and power to historically excluded communities. We aim to hold ourselves accountable by building relationships, seeking inclusive participation, and practicing transparency.

Note: This equity statement is a living document to help member organizations start conversations and reflect on Oregon’s history. If you would like to add feedback to this process please contact [email protected]

The DEI committee:

  • Provides learning opportunities, share resources & organize trainings around diversity, equity & inclusion for member organizations.
  • Develops and guides an equity strategy for the Network.
  • Looks at internal structure & representation at OCFSN and suggest changes/opportunities to be more diverse, equitable & inclusive.
  • Makes recommendations to the Leadership Team on how to use funding acquired for equity.
  • Makes recommendations on DEI efforts and opportunities such as TA assistance, contract opportunities, etc.
  • Supports OCFSN staff, leadership team & working groups in using an equity lens for decision making. Committee members commit to engage in a process of ongoing & collective learning focused on diversity, equity & inclusion

Working Definitions

  • Diversity: full range of differences and similarities visible and non-visible that make each individual unique, such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, abilities and disabilities, religion, age, and perspectives arising from different backgrounds.
  • Equity: understanding that there are varied needs of different groups based on identity. Equity values equal outputs and recognizes that everyone starts from a different place.
  • Inclusion: environment that engages multiple perspective, where diverse individuals are able to participate fully in the decision-making processes within an organization, group (or network). It’s ensuring a seat at the table.


This list of resources was compiled by member organizations during and after the 2017 OCFSN convening, for the purpose of collective education. Feel free to send additional resources to [email protected] to add to this list.

Organizational Assessments

Organizational Role Models

Books, Articles, and Recorded Talks


For Hiring

Community Engagement Resources:
Resident Engagement Guidebook