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Organizational Summary
Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) is private nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. NEDCO was established as Oregon’s first community development corporation in 1979. NEDCO remains strongly committed to its principal purpose of collaboratively building human and capital assets to strengthen neighborhoods and broaden participation in community ownership and governance. The communities we serve are the primary driving force behind this work.

The Sprout! Regional Food Hub was developed with the following goals:Marketplace@SPROUT! 4-12-13 062.jpg

  • Promote healthy eating by providing low-income and challenged communities with access to fresh and healthy products
  • Promote sustainable agriculture by supporting and enhancing the production to distribution chain for local producers and small acreage farmers
  • Promote economic development through the support of emerging entrepreneurs and increasing food traffic in downtown Springfield
  • Promote & sponsor educational courses, classes, workshops, and one-on-one support relating to sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, cooking with locally sourced items and small business development

Sprout! provides:

  • The Market at SPROUT! 2-22-13 011.jpgConsumer access to healthy, local foods through a year-round, direct-to-consumer public marketplace
  • Access to state-‐of-‐the art production and service infrastructure through our Commercial Kitchen facility
  • Comprehensive business development services and access to start-up and operating capital through Sprout! Restaurant & Food Production Incubator and Community Lending Works (CDFI), respectively

Since the launch of Sprout! in late 2012, we have seen the following accomplishments:

Springfield Farmers’ Market:

  • An average of approximately 1000 marketplace customers per week, year-‐round
  • Increased access to healthy, local foods for over 1100 low‐income families and individuals through our SNAP Match Program
  • Increased economic opportunities and sales capacity for more than 80 unique local food producers and farmers.
  • Over $1.2M+ economic impact per year on our community and surrounding region, totaling over $3.6M currently

Staff at Demo Bar.JPGCommercial Kitchen:

  • Over 75 individual food businesses grown or launched
  • Production & storage capacity for over 18 businesses representing the local agricultural, fishery, and ranching industries
  • Early 2014 pilot and late 2014 launch of a comprehensive food-business incubation program for food producers and restaurateurs with 15 program participants since implementation.
  • 2016 – Three, full-time restaurant incubation clients for the 2016/2017 calendar year