Outgrowing Hunger

Adam Kohl, Executive Director
8114 SE Division, Portland, OR 97206
[email protected]

Outgrowing Hunger has a three-pronged approach to improving community food systems:

  1. Youth Garden Education, conducted during class time in partnership with 11 public elementary schools in the Portland Metro Area serving approx. 5500 students each month. Our standards-aligned garden curriculum is designed to support classroom math, science, and social studies learning using hands-on engagement of soil, food, and environment. Students learn where their food comes from, how it is grown, and conduct taste tests of garden veggies.
  2. Refugee Farmer Development, connecting New Americans from agricultural backgrounds with land, tools, business and marketing assistance, and technical advice for becoming successful vegetable farmers in urban and suburban Portland. Currently 5 farmers are enrolled, producing on 1 acre, distributing through a small home-delivery service. Veggie Rx & SNAP programs are planned for 2017.
  3. Community Gardens, providing low-income, immigrant, and refugee families with the opportunity to grow fresh, culturally appropriate vegetables in their own neighborhoods. Currently 350 families are enrolled, growing on a total of approximately 5 acres at 9 sites.