Policy Committee

To achieve the OCFSN vision – that all Oregonians thrive with healthy, affordable foods from an environmentally and economically resilient regional food system – we need supportive public policy. At the local, state, and federal levels.

To get there, we need to build our skills for farm and food policy assessment and advocacy.

Our goal is to support Network members and working groups to inform and learn from each other about our diverse public policy goals. By doing this, we can build common cause and grow our collective voice.

This year, we will focus on the 2019 Oregon Legislature (Jan. 22 – June 30). Starting now, we are offering our members three ways to share information about legislative proposals that you plan to champion, support, or oppose

  1. The OCFSN newsletter has a policy section for short updates you send in – Lauren Johnson will ask for those before each newsletter deadline: watch your email.
  2. “Community food systems guide to the Oregon Legislature” – we’re making a list, for Network member use, of bills that members and working groups will be watching this session. See below for a starter list.
  3. Short presentations by members and working groups about bills they want the rest of us to know about and act on – via webinars (December – January).

Bills to Watch For #1: Three OCFSN members presented on CFS-related bills that their organizations are supporting. Download a PDF of the slides here.

How to work on state legislation legally and effectively: A “how to” webinar about policy advocacy, explaining the legal rules for nonprofits AND some “rules of the road” from OCFSN members with experience at the Legislature. View the webinar here. Download a PDF of the slides here.

Policy Resources

Guide to Lobbying in Oregon– Oregon Ethics Commission: Explains rules for nonprofits who lobby for more than 24 hours in a quarter

Public Charities Can Lobby

Lobbying Guidelines for 501c3 Nonprofits

Nonprofits and Lobbying: Yes they can!

Lobbying and 501c3 Nonprofits

Can I Do That: A Webinar About Nonprofit Advocacy You’ll need to register with name/email to access the recording

Anybody can be an advocate: Measuring your council’s readiness to work on policy

Administrative Advocacy: Influencing Rules, Regulations, and Executive Orders

Advocacy and Lobbying

John Hopkins Toolkit, Get it Toolgether: Assessing Your Food Council’s Ability to Do Policy Work

Oregon Legislative Calendar

The Economics of Local Food Systems

Local food policy guide

State food policy guide

Trends in US Local and Regional Food Systems (USDA)