Rural Development Initiatives

Amy Hause, Rural Economic Vitality Consultant
150 Shelton-McMurphey Blvd Ste 201, Eugene, OR   97401
[email protected]

Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) is a nonprofit organization that works throughout the rural West to cultivate leaders and economic vitality. RDI is a community-responsive organization engaged in a range of programming that includes, but is not limited to, food systems development in several regions across Oregon.

Using a value chain development approach through a program called Wealthworks Northwest, RDI provides on-the-ground technical assistance, coaching, strategic guidance, organizational capacity building support, and connection to resources. RDI supports separate efforts on the South and North Coasts to better connect small fishers to local and regional markets while providing greater value for locally and sustainably caught seafood. Additionally, RDI supports a grassroots effort in Baker County aimed at building and growing barley production for the craft beer industry in Eastern Oregon and coaching for the Central Oregon community food system movement.

RDI is interested in supporting and engaging the Oregon Community Food Systems Network to enhance our organizational capacity to better respond to the needs and interests of our rural partners and constituents. As a rural-focused organization, RDI understands the backbone of rural economies is often rooted in agriculture and requires our organization to be grounded in best practices and approaches within food systems development.

RDI aims to bring value by connecting, educating, and communicating with communities, businesses, and organizations the work of the OCFSN. Additionally, we can bring value and lessons from the field as we continue to work in multiple food sectors and regions across Oregon.