Sauvie Island Center


Sarah Philips, Education Program Manager

P.O. Box 10422, Portland 97296


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Our mission is to educate youth, families, and the community about food, farming, and the land.Photo May 24, 10 58 51 AM (1)

Our vision is of a community that embraces and supports local and sustainable farming and provides equitable access to healthy food for all.


The Sauvie Island Center offers teachers and students an engaging, hands-on, day of outdoor environmental education that reinforces Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We use the farm environment to introduce a broader natural resource curriculum. We also engage families through our Family Farm Days and offer Summer Farm Camps.

We believe that our programs will lead to a growing community of children and families who are better equipped to make responsible nutrition choices for themselves and the generations that follow. Children increase their exposure to grade level science, while increasing their understanding of and comfort in a natural area close to their home.Photo Jul 22, 11 00 53 AM

Our curriculum is aligned to the NGSS for elementary school students. Our activities include: Soil Exploration, Plant Parts Investigation, Wildlife and the Food Web, the Pollination Station, and activities in our Grow Lunch Garden. Each field trip day focuses on one essential question that is tied to a NGSS concept for the grade level, with each hands-on activity contributing to the understanding of that essential question. In 2015, 97% of teachers indicated that our field trip helped them to meet curriculum goals.

It is an important part of our mission to ensure that our programs are accessible to all students and each year at least half of our field trips go to Title 1 schools through our scholarship program.

Our program is made possible through a unique public/private partnership that exists between Metro, the Sauvie Island Organics Farm and the SIC to benefit children in the community.