CFS Resources

Farm Labor App: Farmers in the Colombia Gorge are using a new app that connects them to farm workers to help solve some labor issues. Farmworkers can see job pay and conditions and leave reviews. The Ganaz App creates transparency and accountability; translation into Spanish is optional and automatic. The app can especially help small farms needing crew for only a few days or weeks.

New Tools Help Farmers Find Farmland: National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) has introduced a beta version of Finding Farmland, an online financial-education tool for farmers buying land. The tool includes a Land Affordability Calculator that can be used to compare financing costs for two different farm properties or to compare different financing scenarios for a single property.

Series on Network Building: Developing collaborative relationships is a skill that requires openness, agility, and trust. Check out this series from the Chesapeake FoodShed Network on their experience.