Ten Rivers Food Web

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For over a decade TRFW has provided leadership developing a locally based-regional quality food system for All. Based in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties, TRFW is focused on three key aspects of nourishment through programs.

Quality Nutrition for Humans, Animals and Soil

  • Nutrition committee made up of Doctors, Nutritionists, and Farmers.
  • First in Oregon Vegi Rx program, and support for others doing the work.
  • An Assessment of Plant Based Foods for Humans and Animals was released as a free paradigm shifting booklet available at tenriversfoodweb.org.
  • An Assessment of Animal Based Foods for Humans is available in draft form
  • Committee members are available for public presentations.
  • Quality Soil Nutrition committee directs the annual Soil Amendments Sale that in 2016 placed over 160,000 lbs of soil amendments into the food growing projects of gardeners and farmers.

IMG_1015.JPGInnovative Food Distribution for Humans and Animals

  • TRFW generated the first Fill Your Pantry sale in 2009 as a way to deal with production from the TRFW initiated Beans and Grains Project. FYP sales now take place in several Oregon areas, giving consumers of quality foods an opportunity to buy wholesale end of season staples, and solving the small farm lack of storage problem.
  • TRFW is working with the BPA and two large produce delivery trucking companies, with engineering partners from across the country, to develop a pilot zero carbon delivery system.

Generation Land Transference

  • During the Winters of 2015 and 2016 GLT committee members met with 12 groups of land holders and those seeking production land in round table discussions focused on succession, aging farmer-owners, younger farmers needing food production land but lacking money.
  • TRFW produced a workbook detailing all the considerations involved in food land succession. Available for free from tenriversfoodweb.orgIMG_0058.JPG
  • TRFW has formed the first in Oregon Community Food Land Trust and Food Web Services LLC to involve the wider community in making food land available to lower income prospective food producers and to aid in various forms of food land management.