THRIVE Banner.jpgAshlandCOOPDemo_2016.jpgWendy Siporen, Director

PO Box 154, Talent, OR   97540


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THRIVE believes that a strong, local economy results in regional self-sufficiency and allows the Rogue Valley to preserve its unique character. THRIVE is a non-profit creating a more sustainable economy by connecting people with locally owned businesses and locally grown food.

IMG_2407.JPGOur Mission:

THRIVE brings together business owners, workers and community members to cultivate a vital economy that is socially, financially and environmentally sustainable, promoting local resources and public awareness of the individual’s role in shaping the economy.

Our Major Initiatives:

  • We promote and generate awareness of buying and eating locally in the Rogue Valley through the Buy Local — Buy Rogue and Rogue Flavor guidebook.
  • We make it easy: we connect people and businesses with the same values.
  • We increase the availability of locally grown food in groceries & restaurants through the Rogue Valley Grown program.
  • We provide independent, local business support & networking opportunities.
  • We are a collective voice for the Rogue Valley Buy Local movement.

For more information, check out our website: