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Veggie Rx Call Minutes January 2018
VeggieRx Committee call12_4_2017
October 2017 VeggieRx Meeting Minutes
May 2017 Veggie Rx Call MINUTES
April 2017 – Veggie Rx Convening Notes

March 2017 Veggie Rx MINUTES

January 2017 Veggie Rx MINUTES

Oct 2016 Veggie Rx MINUTES
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Veggie Rx Program Information Handout
January 2016 Veggie Rx Powerpoint
Food Rx World Café
Lit Review – Research based support for local food systems
Veggie Prescription Final Draft of Evaluation Plan
PRx Intake Form Spring 2015
Pre and Post Food Rx Program Surveys 2017
Oregon Food Rx Program Survey Results Summary 2016

Columbia Gorge 2016 Culture of Health

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