Cultivate Oregon

Amy Wong, Advisory Board Member

PO Box 775, Talent, OR 97540


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Cultivate Oregon, a non-profit project of Earth Island Institute, is focused on regenerative agriculture issues, including building local seed and food system resiliency and increasing organic production throughout the state. 

All food systems start with seeds, and Oregon is one of the top five seed-producing regions in the world and could become a leader in organic seed production. However, the seed industry is threated by GE (genetically engineered) contamination. Unfortunately, there are no statewide regulations to protect against such contamination in Oregon, and all counties except Jackson County, are preempted from regulating GE seed.

Cultivate Oregon, along with a statewide coalition, is working to put protections in place for the vegetable specialty seed industry, especially the organic sector, so that we can grow a diverse and equitable food system that promotes environmental justice, biodiversity, pollinator and soil health, heritage seeds, and resource conservation.

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Cultivate Oregon’s Seed Swap

Buckwheat seed grown by Chris Hardy in Ashland, Oregon

Millet seed grown by Chris Hardy in Ashland, Oregon