Familias en Acción

Rebeca Márquez, AMY Project Manager

2710 NE 14th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97212


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The mission of Familias en Acción is to promote empowerment and holistic family well being for Latinos through compassionate community engagement, education, research, and advocacy for social change.


Our priorities include chronic disease prevention and education, cancer survivorship, community leadership development, elimination of health disparities, and community based participatory research.

Abuela, Mama y Yo (AMY)

Abuela, Mama y Yo (AMY) is a Familias en Acción project in collaboration with the OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness. AMY is a Latino nutritional program to build family knowledge about nutrition and social determinants, for children ages 0 to 2.

This project will build upon cultural strengths of Latino families, including multi-generations of family members that support the parents and babies. During March through May 2018, Familias traveled to seven communities around the state of Oregon to implement local Charlas (Focus Groups). Familias met with local Latino leaders, mothers, fathers, pregnant moms, and teenagers. Our Charlas objectives were to listen and learn first-hand about their eating habits, food access, and health education.

AMY’s Community Council has been an important part of our outreach strategy to engage Latino parents and community groups. With this Council’s help, we’ve been able to create strong partnerships with families and agencies statewide. A goal of the Council is to support local community members to become leaders within their communities on issues of food equity.

We have heard many great community, family and individual stories from the groups who participated in our Charlas. These stories will inform our curriculum creation (still in development) and identify policy issues that will support healthy food equity.