Food Alliance

Matthew Buck, Director
PO Box 86457, Portland, OR 97286
[email protected]

Food Alliance operates a voluntary certification program with standards for sustainable agricultural practices. Farms, ranches and food handlers that meet Food Alliance’s standards, as determined by a third-party site inspection, use the certification to differentiate their products, strengthen their brands, and support credible claims for social and environmental responsibility.

Food Alliance launched its certification program in 1998 with a single Hood River apple grower selling in three Portland grocery stores. Food Alliance has grown since to offer certification nationwide, but is based in Portland and maintains a strong presence in Oregon, working primarily with mid-sized and smaller family owned farms and ranches.

Businesses participating in Food Alliance’s program report a wide variety of benefits from certification, including positive customer feedback, increased customer loyalty, sales increases, new markets, access to contracts, and, in some cases, price premiums.

Food Alliance has also documented improved practices on participating farms and ranches leading to better conditions for thousands of workers, more humane treatment of hundreds of thousands of animals, and reduced pesticide use, healthier soils, cleaner water, and enhanced wildlife habitat on millions of acres of range and farmland.