Gilliam County

Indicator Data


Key Organizations and Activities

The Community Action Program of East Central Oregon completed a community food assessment for East Central Oregon, including Gilliam County, in 2010.

Columbia Plateau Food Links is a regional group of individuals and organizations networking to promote and coordinate a healthy, sustainable and economically viable community food system. An associated Facebook page provides posting on regional farm and food events.

A local food guide for Gilliam and Wheeler counties was published in 2011.

A garden have been established at Condon Child Care.

There are also farmers’ markets in Condon.

Other local resources appear to be focused primarily on emergency food assistance.

Community Goals and Recommendations

The 2010 Community Food Assessment included the following priorities:

  1. Increase outreach and networking around local food and farm opportunities.
  2. Expand educational opportunities for community members.
    1. Identify and distribute cooking and meal planning materials at food pantries.
    2. Identify and coordinate with gardening and agricultural education resources to increase gardening and agricultural entrepreneurial skills.
  3. Support community-focused food and farm opportunities, ideas and resources.
    1. Recognize economic development through local food as a legitimate strategy.
    2. Encourage development of more local food and farm entrepreneurial opportunities, specifically CSAs, farm stands, meat slaughter and processing, and value-added enterprises.
  4. Increase the number of venues featuring local or regionally produced food.
  5. Ensure regular access to a stable fresh food supply for all citizens year-round.
    1. Increase the amount of fresh food available at food pantries.
    2. Establish programs that feed children including summer lunch, fresh snacks, breakfast, dinner and weekend meals.

These are worthy goals, but community engagement and commitment need to be increased.