Grant County

Indicator Data


Key Organizations and Activities

Oregon Food Bank and OSU Extension completed a community food assessment for Grant County in 2010. A progress report was also issued in 2011. Research was also done into the feasibility of developing a community processing facility.

An on-line Grant County Local Food Guide is maintained by the Grant County Economic Development Department with assistance from the Grant County Oregon State University Extension Service. The guide lists regional resources including the John Day Farmers’ Market.

The John Day Community Garden provides individual plots for families as well as a larger community plot for garden education and to supply local food pantries.

Other local resources appear to be focused primarily on emergency food assistance.

Community Goals and Recommendations

Priorities from the 2010 community food assessment included:

  1. Educate consumers about accessing, use and benefits of locally produced foods.
    1. Continue to publish the Grant County Local Food Guide.
  2. Educate producers about diversification, alternative crops and production methods.
  3. Expand the market for local food by networking local producers and local buyers.
    1. Connect with restaurants, schools, hospitals and senior centers.
  4. Support processing options to enhance raw products or create value-added products.
    1. Conduct a feasibility study for a community processing facility.
  5. Explore options to alleviate transportation challenges in a dispersed and isolated county.
    1. Explore backhaul and other cooperative opportunities.
  6. Promote opportunities and education that help expand an individual’s food resources.
    1. Promote community gardens as a source of food and education.
    2. Provide education to enhance consumer food shopping and meal planning skills.
    3. Offer more opportunities for food preparation and preservation education.

In 2011, an additional recommendation was made:

  1. Form a “Community Food System Partnership” to gather community members on a regular basis to share meals, information and resources, and discuss food system needs.