Huerto de la Familia

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Marissa Garcia, Executive Director

240 E. 12th Ave., Eugene. OR 97401          


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Huerto de la Familia offers Latino families a place to connect to their roots and the earth by growing their own food, as well as training and peer education in organic gardening, small-scale farming and small business creation. We build wide-ranging partnerships to achieve our goals of cultural identity, community integration and economic self-sufficiency in the Latino community. The goal of the organization is to support families in increasing their health, nutrition and economic security. We work to help families access nutritious and culturally familiar food and to enable families to save money and increase their assets and earnings.

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Organic Garden Program
Huerto de la Familia provides families with the opportunity to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables. Families receive instruction in organic gardening through a six-week Spanish-language class called Siembra la Cena (Seed-to-Supper). We also provide supplies such as seeds and starts to each participating family and each garden has an on-site tool shed with tools for communal use. In the Fall, Huerto de la Familia teaches food preservation classes. In the Spring, our organization puts on a free health clinic called Dia de Salud where we collaborate with the University of Oregon and other community organizations to offer health screenings and information. The Organic Garden Program gives our member families autonomy over what they eat. No longer are their food choices determined by the availability or affordability of healthful and culturally appropriate foods.

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Cambios (Changes) Micro-Development Program
Huerto de la Familia assists Latino families as they launch or expand their business concepts by providing trainings, connections to community resources, and developing a culture of entrepreneurship. The program consists of two major modules: training and business counseling.

Training: The training portion of the Cambios Program consists of a series of weekly three-hour class sessions over a 12-week period. Some of the topics covered are: development of business plans; creating links with markets and sources of capital; study of management skills; connection of future entrepreneurs to resources in the community; and, learning how to operate more efficiently. Classes are contingent upon community needs and vary in time and location.

Business counseling: The business counseling provided through our Cambios Program consists of a regular series of intensive one-on-one sessions with each participant and will work to provide guidance and support in editing and launching individual business plans.

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At Huerto de la Familia, we prioritize ensuring that our work will benefit our participating families while simultaneously making an impact on local and regional systems. We have many allies throughout our community and all of Oregon. Our allies and partnerships are important to us as a way to promote knowledge-sharing and creative collaboration around increased access to healthy, affordable and local foods. Huerto de la Familia is a member of the Coalition for the Advancement of Latino Farmers, along with Adelante Mujeres and Raices of Next Door, Inc. We are also part of the Alliance for Healthy Families and Lane County’s Immigrant Integration Network.