Lincoln County

Indicator Data


Key Organizations and Activities

Lincoln City had an Oregon Solutions designated Local Food Project in 2009.

Ten Rivers Food Web published a community food assessment for Lincoln County in 2011, and supports an on-line local food directory for Lincoln, Linn and Benton counties.

A Lincoln County Local Foods group was also formed in 2011, which meets monthly.

The Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments has published a State of the Region report for Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties, with a sub-report on food access and agriculture.

OSU Extension supports a Lincolncofoods website to make connections between consumers and providers of local farm and seafood products. A related blog and Facebook page provide links to educational materials and events. Links are also available for local farms, farmers’ markets and commercial food buyers interested in sourcing local foods.

OSU Extension also offers Master Gardener classes in Lincoln County.

The Newport Farmers Market has implemented a successful SNAP Match incentive program, which is self-funded through the Lemonade Project.

The Siletz Healthy Traditions project seeks to improve the health of Siletz Tribal Members through educational activities which promote the use of traditional foods through hunting, gathering, gardening, cooking, food preservation and protecting our natural resources.

Community Goals and Recommendations

According to Feeding America, the average cost of a meal in Lincoln County increased over 14% from 2009 to 2013 (to $3.25), and is now 17% higher than the Oregon average.

The 2011 Lincoln County community food assessment identified goals including:

  • Improve emergency food access for underserved groups. Address barriers and stigma.
  • Form a garden network to share information and resources, and recruit volunteers.
  • Support and encourage Farm to School efforts in all Lincoln County schools.
  • Encourage farmer adoption of season-extension infrastructure for year-round production.
  • Create more year-round marketing opportunities for local farmers and food producers.
  • Work with rural grocery store owners to expand fresh food options.
  • Develop Community Supported Fisheries, online markets and other direct-sale channels.
  • A comprehensive feasibility study to determine need and scope for cold storage and processing capacity for both farmers and fishermen.
  • Explore alternative distribution strategies.