The Next Door, Inc.

Raíces Cooperative Farm and Greenhouse

Anna Osborn, Economic Development Program Manager

965 Tucker Road, Hood River, OR 97031


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The Next Door, Inc. is a nonprofit based in Hood River, OR and The Dalles, OR, whose mission is opening doors to new possibilities by strengthening children and families and improving communities. We envision a supportive community where all children and families are safe, healthy, and valued. We provide family, youth, health promotion, treatment, and economic development services.

Farm and Food-Related Programs at The Next Door, Inc. include:

Raíces Cooperative Farm and Greenhouse

Raíces is a resource-sharing cooperative through which members gain access to land and learn skills to grow fruits and vegetables using organic methods. Raíces began in 2009 as a community garden idea created through a Latino leadership development course, and has evolved into a cooperative of over 30 member families and two farming locations.  Since 2010, program members and staff have been sharing knowledge and tools to grow pesticide-free vegetables and flowers. The primary goals of Raíces include:

Land Access and Organic Agriculture Education. 

Raíces provides families with parcels of land at either of our two locations located in Hood River, OR. We partner with community agricultural organizations and other farms to offer workshops on at sustainable, organic methods of growing fruits and vegetables.

Health and Wellbeing. Farmers have access to fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy exercise. Through Raíces, families have the opportunity to develop familial ties, and convivir with other families at the farm. Being a part of Raíces also fosters greater connection and engagement with the local agricultural and greater community of the Gorge.

Leadership Development.

As members of the cooperative, Raíces farmers receive training in leadership and cooperative development. Farmers take part in workshops on collective decision making and effective communication. Raíces supports members in working together to build knowledge and skills needed to develop and achieve collective goals.

Economic Opportunity. 

The Raíces program offers families the opportunity to sell produce and flowers at local Farmers’ Markets, wholesale, and through our CSA program. Farmers also receive support for small business development, and sales and marketing of products