Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network

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39 N Cedar St. Eugene, OR 97402
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The Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network’s (OFSSGN) mission is to improve the health and well-being of youth, families, farms, and the environment by supporting members of Oregon’s farm to school and school garden community the their work to incorporate healthy, local food into school meals and implement food and garden-based education.

Read about the Farm to School Bill, HB 2579

The OFSSGN supports programs that:

  • Increase participation in the school meal program, to improve access to nutritious meals;
  • Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits, to improve nutrition and health outcomes;
  • Improve knowledge and attitudes about agriculture, gardening, food, nutrition and the environment;
  • Support economic development by increasing market opportunities for farmers, ranchers, fishers, local food processors, local food distributors, and food manufacturer;
  • Promote environmental stewardship; and
  • Promote food justice by supporting healthy and equitable community food systems.

We provide resources, technical assistance, training, networking opportunities, evaluation, and advocacy to Oregon’s farm to school and school garden community.

The OFSSGN is made up of over 1000 participants, who are Oregon’s farm to school stakeholders or community, including representatives from non-profit organizations, public agencies, school districts, food producers and distributors, educators, teachers, and other stakeholders involved with farm to school and school garden programs in Oregon.

Together, we’re bringing more money to Oregon farmers, providing healthy local food in school meals, and educating kids about where their food comes from and how it’s grown!