Oregon Health Sciences University


Eecole Copen, Sustainable Food Programs Coordinator

Food & Nutrition Services, Mailcode L338

3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, Portland, OR 97239                                                                    


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OHSU is dedicated to purchasing and selling foods grown in a sustainable food system. Our strategic plan includes sustainability guidelines that help direct these purchases, including prioritizing meat grown without antibiotics and produce grown without synthetic pesticides and herbicides when our budget allows . Some of our greatest successes over the past decade have been the relationships we have developed with our meat producers and distributors. Carmen Ranch is a woman-owned ranch in Eastern Oregon, committed to raising their cows on pasture, without the use of antibiotics or hormones.  Approximately 65% of our beef now comes from their ranch. We continually look for other meat for purchase that has been raised without the use of antibiotics, as we are dedicated to doing all we can to preserve their effectiveness. All of our broths are made using bones from sustainably raised meat and all of our beef on the patient menu is raised without the use of antibiotics. 

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We are also focused on other programs here on campus that support a sustainable food system, including a farmers market that has been running since 2007 and a healthy convenience store that opened around 2006. We purchase some food from the market for our cafes during the market season. The convenience store, called “It’s all Good”, is committed to purchasing locally produced, low sodium, non-GMO offerings with options of gluten & dairy free.

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On the regional and national fronts, we participated in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and Partnership for a Healthier America for several years and continue to work regionally with non-profits that help institutions collaborate on sustainable purchasing.