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Planning Oregon at Portland State University offers a venue–where challenges are embraced and diverse voices are welcomed–to explore how the current land use system is working, whether the program is equipped to address today’s most pressing issues, and how Oregon might move forward to do the planning that needs to be done now. In its 40+ year history, the Oregon planning program has not had a committed university home in the state that is devoted to furthering dialogue, developing a research agenda, and creating a shared body of knowledge. Planning Oregon was created, in part, to provide such a home for both the Oregon planning program and the Oregon planning idea, an entity that will provide a new and accessible resource for citizens, planners, and scholars.

Oregon’s statewide planning goal # 3 is to preserve and maintain agricultural lands. Planning Oregon, particularly via Dr. Megan Horst and other Toulan School faculty and students, will contribute research to the ongoing discussions about the impacts, effectiveness, problems, and opportunities of Oregon’s farmland protection efforts.

Identified research priorities are

  • farmland tenure
  • access to land by Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
  • land for community food systems
  • gender and race and farmland access
  • development on farmland
  • farmland tax assessment policy
  • land use planning tools like Transfer of Development Rights