Polk County

Indicator Data


Key Organizations and Activities

Marion-Polk Food Share completed a community food assessment for Marion and Polk Counties in 2015.

Marion-Polk Food Share also supports a network of 53 gardens in Marion and Polk counties, ranging from school projects to urban farms to demonstration sites to neighborhood gardens.

A Local Food Connection event was held in Independence in 2014, sponsored by the city and OSU Extension.

A Mid-Willamette Valley Food Summit was also held in 2016.

A Bucket Gardening project was started at the Iskam MǝkMǝk-Haws food pantry in Grand Ronde in 2015.

Dallas Youth Garden provides summer internships and gardening training to Dallas High School students.

Community Goals and Recommendations

Priorities from the 2015 community food assessment include:

Opportunities for Agriculture

  1. Develop a Mid-Willamette Valley Farmer Network.
  2. Develop a Regional Food Label.
  3. Provide New Farmer Support and Training.
  4. Develop a Mid-Willamette Valley Food Hub.

Opportunities for Increasing Food Access

  1. Increase Latino Community Outreach and Involvement.
  2. Support School-Based Hunger-Relief Efforts.
  3. Provide SNAP and match incentives at Farmers Markets.
  4. Improve Rural Emergency Food Assistance.

Opportunities for Community Food Systems Development

  1. Cultivate Community Food System Leadership.
  2. Support Community Education about Local Agriculture.
  3. Publish a Local Food Guide.
  4. Address the Social-Impacts of Agriculture and Engage Farmworker Communities.
  5. Facilitate Farm to Institution Value Chains.