Rockwood Food System Collaborative

Lynn Ketch, Executive Director, Rockwood CDC

4233 SE 182nd Ave PMB 367 Gresham, OR 97030

503-847-9163 ext 701

[email protected]

The Rockwood Food Systems Collaborative began informally as a network in late 2018. A year later the network developed into a formal collaborative with charter signatories.

Rockwood Food Systems Collaborative Agreement

We seek a Rockwood neighborhood that is:

Inspired | Resilient | Thriving | Durable | Enduring

The Rockwood Food System Collaborative works for the flourishing of all in east Multnomah County. We center our work in the Rockwood neighborhood because it has a geographic cluster of food- related assets, and it also has Oregon’s largest population of people of color, immigrants, refugees and low-income families. We use food, nutritional education, business incubation and agricultural development as tools to help our neighbors attain better health outcomes, greater equity, more prosperity, a cleaner environment, and more social capital. We work collaboratively to align our missions, visions and values; to resource each other; to seek outside resources; and, to work on specific projects and strategies together.

We value:

Relationship: Relational as well as Transactional connections: being present matters.

Diversity, equity and inclusion: we pursue the disconnected and work for equitable outcomes.

Responsiveness to the changes in our environment and climate: we help prepare our community for future impacts and opportunities to thrive.

Stability: Our current neighbors and their community networks.

The undersigned organizations are formally aligned and are considered the Charter Members of the Collaborative. New members apply following the group bylaws. Individual neighbors are welcome to join by making application.

Black Food Sovereignty Council
Oregon Food Bank
Oregon State University Extension Service
Outgrowing Hunger
Rockwood CDC
Tempe Movement, Inc.
Wallace Rockwood Medical Clinic