State of the Food System

Indicators for Oregon

Around the U.S. and in Oregon, people and organizations traditionally involved with separate elements of the food system are coming together to tackle challenges related to health, environment, and economy, as part of the community food systems movement.

Bringing people and organizations together to change the food system requires a common understanding of issues and shared goals. To understand conditions and trends in Oregon’s food system, the Oregon Community Food Systems Network developed a set of indicators that span the food system, from production to consumption, with data at the state and county level.

These Community Food System Indicators are now a curated collection in Oregon State University Extension’s Rural Communities Explorer (RCE), as part of a partnership between OCFSN and the OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems.

We hope that access to these data will help you organize and advocate for positive food system change in your local community.

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February 2018 County Level Reports