Veggie Rx Program Info

Members of the Veggie Rx working group have been providing access to fresh, local foods for patients experiencing food insecurity and/or diet-related diseases. Partnering with local health clinics and Coordinated Care Organizations, healthcare providers prescribe produce prescriptions typically redeemable at Farmers Markets or for a CSA membership.

Our hard work is paying off. In 2016, the Veggie Rx working group did a statewide survey to learn about all the different programs currently operating or under development. Here are a few key findings.

Patient Impact:

10,343 patients participated in Oregon Veggie Rx programs in 2016.

What Patients are saying…

“I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. My pain is going away and so is my anxiety.”

“The doctor had told my husband that he was overweight and pre-diabetic. Now, he lost 15 pounds. When he went to his checkup, the doctor was surprised and congratulated him.”

“I used to think: ‘I love my children very much, so I will buy them juice or chips, etc.’ Now, when they ask me why they can’t have those things, I tell them, ‘because I love you very much, and your health is important to me.’ It’s a way of showing my love.”

Economic Impact:

$124,984 was spent on produce by Oregon Veggie Rx participants in 2016.


Adelante Mujeres — Produce Rx

Kaely Summers 503-992-0078 Ex.213

Mission: To improve health outcomes for low income patients who suffer from or who are at-risk for diet-related diseases. Based on the belief that every individual has innate capacity for growth and transformation, the program provides education and financial assistance to help participants develop healthy long-term habits

Gorge Grown Food Network — Veggie Rx

Sarah Sullivan 503-307-5531

Mission: Gorge Grown’s Veggie Rx is a fruit and vegetable prescription program designed to address food insecurity and increase intake of fresh produce.

OHSU Hemophilia Center — Hemophilia Food Pharmacy

Liz Adams 503 493 0981

Mission: The purpose is to learn if people enjoy and benefit from participating in the Food Pharmacy Program.

OSU Extension — Veggie Rx

Caryn Wheeler 541-776-7371

Mission: Veggie Rx work to increase access to and utilization of ways to source fresh produce for low income families.

Samaritan Cancer Resource Center/ Samaritan Health Resources — That’s My Farmer Rx

Stephanie Hagerty 541-768-2171 

Mission: Educates survivors about healthy shopping, eating locally, using supplements and the impact of fresh, wholesome foods.

Ten Rivers Food Web — Veggie Rx

Harry MacCormack 541-929-5782

Mission: TRFW Nutrition committee focuses on education in our 3 counties. We have 4 doctors, a health care professional and two authors involved. TRFW also has An Assessment of Plant Based Foods for Humans and Animals available for free at the TRFW website. An Assessment of Animal Based Foods coming soon.

Zenger Farm and Village Gardens — CSA Partnerships for Health

Lauren Lubowicki – ZF 503 473 4055; Kris Soebroto – VG 503 927 0820

Mission: To decrease risk for diet-related chronic diseases by improving individual diet quality through partnerships between Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms and health clinics. Our target population is low income, racially and ethnically diverse families living in North and outer SE Portland.

Marion-Polk Food Share — Youth Farm CSA Rx Share

Lexi Stickel 503-581-3855

Mission: The Youth Farm is an urban farm that cultivates a new generation of community leaders by engaging young people in growing food for the community.

Oregon Food Bank — E. Multnomah County Veggie Rx

Lynn Knox 503-853-8732

Mission: To provide improved access to produce and education about using it for food insecure pre-diabetics or diabetics.

Rogue Valley Food System Network/OSU Extension — Veggie Prescription Program/Josephine County

Regan Emmons 541-507-7742

Mission: To increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for those with chronic illnesses or food insecurity.